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You've come to the right page...

...If you're looking for access to the 16 templates from the 2018 book, "Tools and Templates for effective board governance," by john pearson.

Good news! A new-and-improved edition, published by ECFAPress, is now available on Amazon.

Click here to order ECFA Tools and Templates for Effective Board Governance: Time-Saving Solutions for Your Board, by Dan Busby and John Pearson (Oct. 2019)


Click here (with our permission) to download Word docs of the 22 tools and templates featured in the new edition. (Limited to use within your own organization, please.)

Click here to read the 22 blogs by John Pearson on the 22 tools, as featured on the ECFA blog, "Governance of Christ-Centered Organizations."

Questions? Contact John Pearson.



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